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Flashing Dog Joggle Ball
Flashing Dog Joggle Ball

Flashing Dog Joggle Ball

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This 1 Pc flashing ball brings the fun and games to your dog and kids. It lights up with colors while it joggles and jumps. This is a perfect gift toy for households with dogs and kids

Product Description:
Target Audience:Dogs
Battery:4*AA battery

1. This toy uses the AA battery (unincluded)as the power.
2. It can make music and dance with beautiful lights when pressing the button.
3. The rubber material is soft and comfortable to the touch while it is resistant to bite.
4. Playing with this toy can help dogs to release pressure and get more exercise.
5. This toy is a very good distraction to dogs with couch chewing destructive habits.

Package Include:
1 x dog toy

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